Santa’s Workshop [Better-Late-Than-Never-Edition]: Hollow Book Treasure Box

I’ve been sitting on this post for about two months, since I originally started this project around Thanksgiving and completed it in time to give it to my brother for Christmas. Unfortunately, I had lost the pictures. And then, a few days ago, I found them in a folder with vacation pictures. Totally appropriate place for them to be, right?

When I originally decided to do some DIY Christmas Gifts, there was one thing standing in my way: What the heck kind of craft do you make for a teenage boy!?

Google came to my rescue, though, and I got the idea to hollow out and old book and make a treasure box for my brother, Sam.

Everybody had such snide little remarks about what a college freshman would put in the box. But I say that it’s just right for holding an Apple Store Gift Card…

This project is the reason that I’ve had so many book pages laying around to create such lovely crafts as the Book Page Candle Holder, and Book Page Marble Magnets

I also want to say this: When I started the project, I used a glue/water mixture as an adhesive, but it wasn’t sturdy enough so I ended up going back over it later with Mod Podge. So I would definately recommend going with M.P from the start.

Hollow Book Treasure Box

Step 1: Choose which page you want to start the box on. I used an old dictionary and decided to leave the introductory pages alone, so that it was still book-y. Open to that page and use Mod Podge to paint a thick layer of glue around the pages that you will hollow out.

Step 2: Insert a sheet of paper between your leave-alone-pages and the pages that you’ve glued and close the book. Place heavy objects (such as a philosophy textbook and an antique iron…) on top and let dry overnight.

Step 3: Once the glue has dried and hardened, open up to the page that you will begin cutting. Use another, smaller book to trace the outline for your hollowed box.

Step 4: Use a utility knife to cut along the outline and tear out the center. This is very tedious and time consuming and your hand will hurt. I did it over the course of several nights.

Step 5: Once you’ve dug out a hole and you are satisfied with the depth– or simply refuse to go on– use the Mod Podge to seal the inner walls of the box. Paint the sides and the bottom generously and let dry.

Step 6 (optional): Others who have hollowed books before me chose to paint the inside of the box or cover it with scrapbook paper, but I prefered the rugged look and I think my brother appreciated that as well. It reminded me of the scene in The Shawshank Redemption when the warden finds Andy’s chisel in the bible.

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