About By the (cook)Book


My name is Sara Tedde. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and love to take advantage of  the wonderful food scene in and around the city. I especially love grocery shopping in the Strip District.

My love for cooking started as a love for baking in 2008. That year my New Year’s Resolution was to be more “charming.” Unfortunately, I didn’t know what charming people did (being that I wasn’t one of them…). Then it occured to me: They show up everywhere with something gourmet and delicious. Soon I was baking treats to take to my night-classes, family get-togethers, and work.
My son Marco is six-years-old and he is my little accomplice in the kitchen. He loves being in charge of mixing, and tasting all of the ingredients *individually* while I’m not looking. No matter how many times I warn him that baking soda is yucky and it is inappropriate (and mildly dangerous) to eat raw eggs, he just keeps on doing it! But once our creations are in the oven, we are all about licking the spoon!

I starting cooking real food when I started dating Yuseff. It began with weekly dinners which were deemed “Elaborate Dinner Wednesdays.” Our first EDW was Spaghetti and Meatballs with Caprese Salad and fresh Mancini’s Bread. Now– all of our meals are kind of elaborate, which is awesome!

All of the recipes and photos featured on this blog is the real food that I prepare for and feed my family. Some of the pictures are shot with a plain old point-and-shoot digital camera, many are shot with my iPhone. Most of the time, I’m grabbing a quick shot before Marco and Yuseff whisk their plates away from me to start eating!

The idea to start this blog came from two places– my totally-unrealistic dream to have a show on the Food Network (even though my culinary skills are nowhere near tv ready), and my ever-suppressed desire to post pictures of all my meals on Facebook.

I was discussing this with my college roommate one day and told her that my cooking show would really just be me looking at someone else’s recipe, following it, and then eating. She quickly chimed in: You could call it “By the Book!”

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that starting a blog would be a great way to share my love of cooking (and eating) food and put my English Literature degree to good use

I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and I hope you can use the recipes to get more adventurous in your own kitchens!

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