Craft Time: Book Page Candle Holder

I’ve been on a crafting kick these days, and it’s likely to last through December since I decided to go for a budget-friendly DIY Christmas (but more on that much later).

I have a habit of saving little things that I think might come in handy one day. It’s not a Hoarders-level issue or anything, but I just hate thinking of something headed to a landfill for all eternity, when it still has some life left in it. One such thing that I hang onto are the empty glass containers from jar candles. I have a handful of these and decided to revitalize one the other night to make it more interesting:

…and what better place to display it? I wonder how many of my English Major Pals from Saint Vincent College recognize any of those books from class…

Another fun fact about this project is that the book pages are leftover scraps from another project that I’ve been working on (but again, more on that some other time). So, this project was all about recycing.

Step 1: Wash and dry your glass container. Make a thick mixture of tacky glue and water (or use Mod Podge, which is apparently the product for decoupage… but is also kind of pricey and would have required a trip to the store). Then paint the glue in a thick layer on the container.

Step 2: Adhere square pieces of cut-up book pages to the glue. It looks best if you stagger and overlap the pieces.

Step 3: Paint the glue mixture over the pages. Use several coats.

Step 4: Apply a coat of the glue mixture around the top rim of the glass. Wrap a black ribbon around the top and tie with a pretty bow!

I was very pleased with how this turned out. It looks like something that I would have bought on an impulse while shopping, which is good because DIY projects always run the risk of looking like something that came home from summer camp.

For the candle, I dropped in a votive that’s also in a small container, so that wax doesn’t melt all over the inside of this jar (it will be difficult to wash without ruining it). The perk is that the candle smells really good, but I never used it because it was pink and didn’t match any of my other decor. Now I get to enjoy the scent while hiding the color!

3 thoughts on “Craft Time: Book Page Candle Holder

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