What I Read: Blogger Appreciation Award

A few times a week, I share with you what it is that I’m cooking, eating, and sometimes crafting.

When I’m not blogging about those things, I’m reading other blogs. Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite blogs and hope that you pay them a visit!

Why am I doing this?

Well–since you asked— a couple of weeks ago, SzaboinSlowMo, the author of She Can’t Be Serious, nominated me for two blogger awards. These awards are pay-it-forward type deals, where bloggers recognize their fellow bloggers for a job well done. They both come with questions to answer and some guidelines for what you’re supposed to do to bestow the award upon your picks, but I know that some of my favorite bloggers have done this before, and some of the blogs aren’t even that bloggy (if that makes sense…), so I am going to just list and link to my favorites below.

These are 10 blogs that I follow and never skip a post. Really. Not one. Never. They’re listed in No Particular Order…

She Can’t Be Serious: And I’m not just saying that because she nominated me! This humor blog is really funny in the it’s-funny-’cause-it’s-true sort of way. They are light-hearted and fun to read. She’s also one of those great bloggers who can get good conversations going in the comments section, so when you stop by her blog, be sure to leave a reply to your favorite posts. Favorite Post: All I Really Need to Know About Corporate America I Learned at McDonald’s

Life of a Recessionista: This fashion blog is written by a lovely girl named Lisa who lives in Puerto Rico. I follow a few fashion blogs but many feel so out of reach for me (and so I tend to skim through them, not read every word). Lisa’s blog is for women like me–a regular girl on a regular girl budget! She always does great product reviews, trends for the season, and I love her recommendations. Favorite Post: My Mascara Collection/Addiction — Reviews for 21 Mascaras? Hello!

Lace and Lemons: This blog is run by two ladies that I hold near and dear to my heart. I went to St. Vincent College with Amy and Katrina, where all three of us majored in English. They are lifelong best friends and I just love them both. They’ve been blogging for a couple of months now and they take turns updating it with recipes and DIY tutorials. Favorite Post from Amy: Ensconsed in Velvet— recipe for Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies. I will be making these for a wedding in August, for sure! Favorite Post from Katrina: Hit On All Six! DIY invitations for Amy’s 1920’s Speakeasy themed Bridal Shower.

The Middlest Sister: This blog is a must read for anybody with siblings. Nicole Smeltzer is an artist who creates gorgeous comic strips every week about her and her four sisters growing up. They are all so funny and sweet. I always think about my childhood and my brother and sister when I read them. I once spent an entire day reading through her archives, so I’ve seen every single post. Favorite Post: A Bosom Friend. Anybody who knew me as a child and/or read a lot of books will know why. I also recommend that you check out her About and FAQ pages.

Five in Tow: I have one kid and I get overwhelmed, sometimes. Kristen has five kids and not only does she get overwhelmed from time to time, but she gets honest about it! There are so many mom-blogs out there that have what I like to call a mommier-than-thou type of tone. They can get you down and make you feel like a parental failure. Kristen is a great writer with great stories, great ideas for crafts and recipes, and a beautiful outlook. Favorite Posts: The Fire Truck Cart of Evil and Counting the Hours. Yeah– so good I couldn’t even decide.

A Sonoma Garden: If you know me, you know that I am “indoorsy.” So, it’s kind of weird that I am so attached to this blog by Kendra and Scott, a couple from Sonoma, California who grow flowers, fruits, and veggies, raise bees, and I think even have chickens! The photography is stunning and every post makes me feel like I’m on a little vacation. Favorite Post: About. Kendra posted a ton of amazing how to’s– everything from making homemade lotion and deodorant to almond milk and maple carmelized almonds. All of those links are on the left side of the blog, so start with their “About” page and have fun exploring!

Used Furniture Review: I hesitate to call this a blog because it’s really an online literary journal that accepts submissions and publishes selected pieces of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art, and music. They also publish book reviews and interviews. Favorite Post: Perfect Bound” by Jennifer Howard and “Manic Sex and Depression” by Katherine Gehan. I’m hoping that someday I muster up the courage to submit some of my creative non-fiction.

Sweet and Weak: I love this blog because it’s funny and to the point. Simon is a husband and a father with great stories about family life that are so relatable for anybody with kids. And all of his not-about-family stories are just relatable to anybody! Favorite Post: Will There Be Canned Cranberry, or Should I Bring My Own

A Historic Virginia Plantation: Anybody want to take a trip to Virginia with me in the fall? This blog is written by a husband and wife who are currently in the process of turning an historically significant plantation in Virginia into a Bed and Breakfast. As of right now, the location is top secret, since they are working out legal stuff with the owner, but they’ve been posting great stuff about the surrounding area, vineyards, cake shops, other historical plantations and artificats that they’ve found around the property. They’ve also been posting hints about their plantation to see if their readers can guess the location. So far three people have figured it out. And I am one of them. Favorite Post: Another Day at the Plantation and Hint #7. After reading this post, I cracked the code. I got an e mail from Michelle and Brett confirming that my guess was correct! For now, I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but I recommend reading their blog, brushing up up your American History and taking a stab at guessing– or just wait for their big reveal!

Classy Gallie: The girl who writes this blog is just hilarious to me. She’s a recent college grad, so I feel like she keeps me young, you know? She has a great voice in her writing and sometimes I literally choke because I’m trying not to burst out laughing in public like an insane person. Favorite Post: Don’t Shower with the Door Open, Especially at an Office.

Check out these fantastic blogs and let me know what your favorites are! Do you have any blogs that you never miss? Leave me a comment so I can check it out.

4 thoughts on “What I Read: Blogger Appreciation Award

  1. Thanks so much for your touching review of my blog! Sometimes I wonder if I’m being honest enough, and sometimes I wonder if I’m being too honest…Ugh. Mom guilt. I appreciate your kindness!

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