Foodtography Friday: The Walking Dinner

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of dreams about surviving the Zombie Apocolapyse with Rick Grimes and the gang. I’m not sure why they find in their hearts to take Dream-Sara into their group, instead of leaving me screaming on the side of the road as I chase after their car, or shooting me in a bar, or snapping my neck in the woods after going through the trouble of saving my life once already…but I won’t ask questions. They let me into their group, and that’s cool.

Once upon a time, I would have classified a dream about running away from the flesh-hungry undead as a nightmare. But ever since we started watching The Walking Dead, I classify them as freaking awesome. Because I’m obsessed with this show.

Back in February, my friend Sarah gave me a special assignment: create a special themed-menu for the TWD mid-season premiere. What an amazing idea! It was too late for me to post this for the premiere, so I am posting it in time for the finale!

Yuseff and I had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas for our dinner and cooking the food together. As we went through our shopping list at the grocery store, Marco made sure to remind us 1,000 times that he is too little to watch The Walking Dead and that it comes on after his bedtime. I don’t know why he felt that I would force him to stay up late and watch a show about something that he has a legitimate fear of… but it was a real concern for him that day.

Parenting Tip: If your first-grader is having a full-on meltdown about how zombies are going to get him if he goes downstairs to the bathroom by himself, don’t say “Yuseff and I will protect you, you have nothing to be scared of!” Go with something along the lines of “Calm down, there’s no such thing as zombies.” Trust me. The first statement is not comforting.

So… are you ready to see what we made for dinner? While we anxiously waited for 9 PM to roll around, we feasted like Zombies:

photo 5

Pictured: Oozing Ribs, Rotting Eyeballs, Bloody Mary Shrimp, and Brains (because, of course brains.)

To make the eyeballs, we just added black olive slices to devilled eggs. Doesn’t the filling look like pus? EEW. The dash of paprika also makes them look a little bloodshot.

The brains are a twisty pasta (I forget what kind) with a sauce that I made by mixing Alfredo Sauce with enough Tomato Sauce to make it pink. It was really delicious.

The recipe for Bloody Mary Shrimp was posted earlier this week. This was a huge hit for us and I will definately be making it the next time I need to make an appetizer. My original idea was to have Bloody Marys as our drink, but I don’t actually like Bloody Marys, so I felt like that would be a waste.

What do you think? What would you add to our Walking Dead menu?


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