Foodtography Friday: Battle Wounds

When you really truly love something, you make yourself vulnerable to getting hurt. Badly.

A perfect example of this is bacon. I love bacon with my whole heart. But every once in awhile, it just explodes on me.

The burns and scars were totally worth it though. These bacon wrapped drumsticks were so tasty! I’ll take hot grease to the arm any day for these bad boys!

And if you are wondering what YOU have to do for a plate of these, just hold tight! I’ll be posting the recipe (and tips to cook it injury-free) within the next couple of weeks!

photo 5


3 thoughts on “Foodtography Friday: Battle Wounds

  1. One Thanksgiving, after suffering yet another burn on my hand, one of my dinner guests entered my kitchen and told me that I’m a burner, as are you apparently. According to him there are 2 kinds of cooks/chefs. Burners and cutters. Neither option is pleasant but I’ll risk the burns for these wings.

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