Secret Family Recipe: Pickle Dip

I feel like everybody has a snack that makes them feel right at home. For me that snack is Pickle Dip.

The first time my mom ever made it for me, we were on a little family weekend getaway in Deep Creek, Maryland. My sister and I devoured it. Since then, it’s become a favorite treat to throw together to take to a party or make for company.

I especially like to make it when I’m getting together with my cousins. This dip is a Trombetta girl favorite! We’ve been known to hoard bowls of it at parties and eat every last scoop without sharing!

Now. Here’s the thing. There are some people who painstakingly chop up pickles and add other ingredients. But, I learned this recipe from my mom. My mom who hates to cook.

So this recipe is a simple as can be.

Pickle Dip

Step 1:  Grab a little jar of dill relish, 8 oz of Philadelphia cream cheese, and a bag of Ruffles potato chips.

I don’t recommend using generic relish, but this was seriously the ONLY jar of dill in the entire store.

Step 2: Add the relish to the cream cheese a little at a time until you get a taste and conistency that you like. When I made this batch, I had all but 1 tbsp of the relish in there. You don’t want to just dump it all in though because if it’s too runny and pickle-y it won’t be good. I’ve made this mistake.

Step 3: Scoop it out with the Ruffles and enjoy!

God, that’s good.


3 thoughts on “Secret Family Recipe: Pickle Dip

  1. Can I please tell you that I am one of those people who painstakingly chops up the pickles for my pickle dip…and I NEVER thought to use relish!

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