Where to Eat in Pittsburgh: Ibiza on East Carson

Ask a Pittsburgher what their favorite restaurant on the Southside is, and they will probably tell you: Nakama.

My theory is that most people think that Nakama is the only restaurant on East Carson Street. The one lone establishment that isn’t there primarily for getting drunk.

I’ve never even been there, but I personally feel like if you’ve been to one hibachi restaurant, you’ve been to them all and therefore it makes more sense to go to one in the suburbs, where you can find parking and reduce your chances of running over a stumbling pedestrian who missed the crosswalk.

My favorite restaurants on East Carson Street are Mallorca and Ibiza.– they are “sisters” located not too far from the Birmingham Bridge.

If you want to give either of these restaurants a try, I suggest checking restaurants.com or Groupon/Living Social for a deal before heading over. I’ve purchased 1/2 off certificates (i.e. $12 for a $25 certificate… not 1/2 off of your bill) for them several times, and it always gives us an excuse to splurge on a fantastic meal.

Ibiza is a Tapas and Wine Bar, which makes it a perfect spot for a date. Yuseff and I usually order 2-3 cold tapas and 2-3 hot tapas to share, and nice big pitcher of delicious sangria. I don’t know why, but I think there’s something romantic about 1 plate, two forks (I don’t always move the food to the little plate that they give me. Don’t judge.).

Anyway… in June, we got to spend four incredibly fun days with some good friends. And Ibiza was the perfect spot to end our long day of adventures at Kennywood and start a night on the town.

I will say this about Yuseff’s friends: They have fantastic taste in women! I couldn’t ask for better girls to hang out with when our men abandon us to talk about sports.

We sat a big table and the girls split a pitcher of the sangria. Yuseff and I ordered a bunch of things from the menu as well as some specials. Everybody’s food looked and tasted amazing. 

I had to use a flash to get the pictures in the low light, so please be forgiving of the photography:

Atun fresco crudo a la plancha
Fresh chilled, seared and blackened yellow fin tuna

Quesos espanoles con jamon Serrano
Spanish cheeses and cured prosciutto ham

This looks like stuffed mushrooms. I can’t find it on the menu, so either their menu has changed or it was a special that night. I vaguely remember it having crab meat or something inside.

Vieiras y gambas en pincho con mango, menta y salsa
Scallops & shrimp shiskabob w/ mango, mint & salsa

(it’s not that opaque and pink in real life. just when you use a cell phone and a flash to take a picture…)

Just writing this post has my mouth watering and craving a sip of that sangria! I definately recommend grabbing your signifant other for a fancy date night, or rounding up a group of your favorite friends to catch up over drinks and delicious dishes at Ibiza!


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