Rosemary Lamb Chops with Mushroom and Olive Couscous

The more I get-the-hang-of this cooking thing, the more I realize that recipes are more like suggested guidelines than they are concrete rules (*note* this doesn’t exactly apply to baking because there is some science to that).

When I first started finding my way around the kitchen, I followed every recipe to the letter. If I saw something that called for squash, I wouldn’t make that recipe because I don’t like squash. Now, I know that I can substitute zuchinni or just totally leave it out. If a recipe called for a certain cut of meat, I bought that cut, even it meant  going to more than one store to find it.

One of my favorite recipes is Rosemary Lamb, which I found in an Ina Garten cookbook. I usually find a top round cut and cut it  into cubes for kabobs (or just cook the cubes in a pan), but when Yuseff and I stocked our freezer with pre-made meals, I decided to throw some chops into the Rosemary Marinade.

Dare I say, this was the best batch of Rosemary Lamb yet:

I also played around with my recipe for simple couscous for a side dish. I used chicken broth in place of beef broth and added some sauteed mushrooms, black olives, and onions.

I hope this inspires you to take liberties with the recipes that I post on this site, as well as others that you find!


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