Natural Beauty: Homemade Shea Butter Deep Conditioner

Over the past couple of weeks, I shared two recipes, one was for deodorant and one was for lotion. I made them on the same day with one other thing: hair conditioner.

I chose this recipe because I need to use up my shea butter before it goes bad in November, and because my hair was in dire need of some TLC. I have really long hair. A lot of people don’t realize how long it is, because I often wear it in a top knot, sleek ponytail, or side braid– you know, the lazy-girl’s go-to hairstyles. It’s so long that actually hurts when I brush it, so as a result… I ummm… well… I just don’t brush it that often.

I brushed it this day. And as you can see, it’s super long! As you can also see, I have an extremely handsome boyfriend.

Sometimes I pretend that I am Alanis Morisette in the “Thank You” music video. Just because I can…

I also run into this problem:

An almost full bottle of shampoo and a totally empty bottle of conditioner. This is probably why my hair is always too tangled to brush.

Before I share the recipe, let me give this warning: do not use it as regular conditioner unless you have extremely dry hair.

I’m Italian so I’m naturally very oily. And this conditioner is 75% oil, so… whoops. The first time I used it, I washed my hair, massaged the conditioner into the ends of  my hair and rinsed it out.

When I got out of the shower, I brushed my hair and was amazed. I can never brush my hair when it’s wet, but the brush was just gliding right through. I twisted it up into a bun and slept with it wet. The next day, I was getting ready for work and realized way too late that my hair was still saturated with oil. I concealed it as best as I could with a braid, but all day I was counting down the hours until I could get home and shampoo.


After that incident, I saved this as a once-a-week deep conditioning treatment. I wash my hair, towel it off and apply the conditioner root-to-tip. twist it up and leave it in for at least an hour (or overnight if possible) then wash it out with shampoo before being seen in public! It’s a great pick-me-up for my hair.

You Need:

  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • ½ cup shea butter
  • ½ cup grapeseed oil
  • 2 Vitamin E tablets (optional)
  • Essential oil (optional)

To Make:

In a glass measuring cup, combine first three ingredients. Microwave in 30-second intervals until everything is melted. Then add Vitamin E and Essential Oil (I used a splash of cinnamon oil)

Prepare an ice-bath and place the measuring cup inside. Use an immersion blender to whip the ingredients. Supposedly, as it cools, the texture should change, but that never happened for me. I don’t think it really matters, though.

Pour into a container to keep in the bathroom. I recycled the bottle from my Bath & Body Works conditioner.


9 thoughts on “Natural Beauty: Homemade Shea Butter Deep Conditioner

  1. I tried it with my NutriBullet and it came out PERFECT. I recently ordered 5 pounds of organic raw Shea butter and had no idea what to do with all of it, until I found this recipe.
    The texture of yours didnt change because it wasnt cold enough. I poured it into the small cup of my NutriBullet with 2 cubes of ice and blended it until it formed a soft white mass, very similar to conditioner.
    Thanks for this!

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  3. Did you ever try it with switching the ratios of shea butter and coconut oil? I want to make a shea butter conditioner and was planning on it being mostly shea and wondered how that would work!

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  5. You shouldn’t microwave these products as they will lose some nutritional benefits. The double broiler method is the best for this. Then place in the fridge for 15min prior to blending.
    My hair is also SUPER long (I sit on it most times) and use a similar recipe to this. Instead of Grape seed oil, I use Castor oil. Love it!

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