Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary for By the (cook)Book!

I would really like to say thank you to everybody who has stopped by to read my stories, gawk at food pictures, try out recipes or crafts, and [hopefully] learn a thing or two.

Thanks to Yuseff and Marco for being ever-so-patient while I photograph their food twenty times before letting them eat.

Thanks to everybody who subscribes via e-mail, follows via WordPress, or just pops in from time to time through links on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It feels good to know that I’m not talking to myself over here!

In honor of my anniversary, I’d like to revisit some old recipes!

So without further ado, here are some of my favorites (in no particular order!):

Crab Cake Balls

Mini German Pancakes with Berry Sauce

Mexican Fried Ice Cream


Mini Blackberry Cobblers

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Pizza

Beef Curry Vindaloo

Ginger-Soy Lamb

Chicken Satay

Lemon Parsley Veal


Peanut Salmon Over Arugula

Bat Noodles with Orange Halloween Sauce and Garlic Bat Bread

Arugula, Melon, and Prosciutto Salad

Chicken Enchilada Soup

DIY Chalkboard Jars

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