Natural Beauty: Homemade Lotion

Last Monday, I shared a recipe for homemade deodorant, as well as some fiscal reasonings behind my decision to do-it-myself.

The other reason that I needed to go the homemade route was that last November, I decided that I was going to do DIY Christmas gifts. Around the same time, I discovered Pinterest and spent a lot of time reading tutorials and then ordering supplies to do crafts (there’s that shopping problem, again). And then I didn’t do most of the crafts. The majority of these supplies are unopened in my basement collecting dust. And it turns out that some of them (I’m looking at you shea butter…) have shelf lives of only 1 year.

The recipe for this lotion also comes from A Sonoma Garden (can you tell that I love this blog? If she got a TV show like that Pioneer Woman chick, I would totally watch it). I made this lotion in about 5 minutes. Seriously. The hardest part was scrubbing the old label off of the peanut butter jar so that I could put the finished product in it.

Kendra makes her lotion scented with essential oils, but I left ours unscented, because I was mainly making it for Yuseff and 1. I didn’t want to pick a scent that he hated/ didn’t want to smell like and 2. I was worried that any frangrance might irritate his dry skin and completely defeat the purpose of the lotion.

The “unscented” lotion does of course smell like olive oil, which I love. So no complaints there! It’s very rich and creamy and makes my skin feel soft and smooth– especially those dry areas like knees and elbows.

What you need:

  • ¼ cup Olive Oil
  • ¼ cup emulsifying wax
  • 1 ¼ cups water

What to do: Put the oil and wax in a glass measuring cup. Put the water in a mug. Microwave both for a minute. Remove the water, stir the oil and wax and if you need to continue melting the wax, put it in again at 30-second intervals.

Pour the water into the melted oil and wax. It will suddenly look like milk!

Pour the liquid into a pint sized jar and let it cool overnight.

I didn’t know how much a pint was, and thought that I was just going to make a baby-food-jar sized amount, which makes absolutely no sense considering that you couldn’t even fit 1 ingredient in there. I’m really bad at gauging volume.

it doesn’t have to cool on the windowsill, but it looked nice, right?

To see how I made the adorable chalkboard jars, click here


Please visit A Sonoma Garden to learn more about her experiences with homemade lotion and other natural beauty and living recipes and tips

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