Cupcakes N’At

I’m in BIG trouble…

A few weeks ago I wrote a review about Sincerely Yogurt in Bridgeville. I was so happy because my town finally got one of the things that I felt I could only truly enjoy during visits to New York: frozen yogurt.

Well another thing that I feel our great city doesn’t have enough of is cupcakes. When I go to NYC, I can’t walk two blocks without seeing Crumbs, Magnolia, Buttercup, or Baked by Melissa. It’s cupcake overload (and I really mean that in a very good way).

And to top it all off– much like the frozen yogurt situation– the few shops that we do have aren’t anywhere near me. And Lawrenceville is a long, construction-laden journey to make for a cupcake.

But lo and behold. Cupcakes N’At has set up shop on Station Street in Bridgeville. And I am on Station Street 5 days a week every other week. This is at once the greatest and most dangerous thing to ever happen in my life.

My original plan, when I made the fateful decision to check out this shop, was for Marco and I each to get a cupcake and eat it immediately as a pre-dinner treat. One look at the display case and I knew that plan was out the window. I ended up getting one-each of six different cupcakes to take home.

Pictured: The Redd Up, The Monkey Dump, The Sumpin’ Real Good, That’s it Fort Pitt, The Creamsicle, The CarNaygee Coconut

I hoped to get to sample each one, but Yuseff and Marco both tore into their choices so quickly that I have no choice but to go back soon and get more!

The Sumpin’ Real Good

Cupcake Monster says: No Sharing!


What I Love:

–          Let’s just get this out of the way. Pittsburgh is a city that loves it’s language, it’s landmarks, and it’s traditions. Cupcakes N’At is homage to it all! The cupcake names are as quirky as they are delicious. My favorite names are the “Redd Up,” “CarNaygee Coconut,” “Nebby Neighbor,” “Tossle Cap,” and “Chocolate Canipshun.”

–          The flavors are unique. The reason I never go to Shop ‘n’ Save or Giant Eagle for cupcakes? Chocolate and Vanilla are BORING. Cupcakes N’At stocks the staples, but ups the ante with more exciting choices. Check out these enticing descriptions from their website:

“chocolate cake with an Oreo cookie buttercream icing,” “chocolate and banana cake with a creamy peanut butter icing,” “apple cake that is topped with a caramel buttercream icing and sprinkled with chopped cashews,” and “chocolate stout cake topped with a ‘Baileys Irish Cream’ icing.”

–          The quality. I can see why the sisters who own this shop went into the bakery business. They know what they are doing and they do it so well. These cupcakes are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

–          N’At. They don’t just make cupcakes. They also have cookies and chocolate covered goodies. While I was waiting in line, another customer told me that the chocolate covered marshmallows are to die for. I will definitely grab some the next time we visit.

–          I like supporting small, local businesses and spreading the word about their hard work and awesome products!

So, bottom line, you should definately give this little Bridgeville bakery a shot!