Roast Beef Lettuce Rolls– South Beach Phase 1 Lunch

Since we cheated on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet after a grueling five-and-a-half days, we started back up again the next week. Since there is literally nothing going on until mid-June, it was way better timing for us. It’sso easyfor me to resist temptation for two weeks when I’m not being tempted. I literally have the worst self-control problem.

We bought the SBD book with the intention of strictly following their meal plans, but ran into bumps with snacks or lunches that consisted of things that one of us won’t eat. (i.e. they suggest a shrimp cocktail with a red pepper dipping sauce. And I don’t like peppers.)

It wasn’t a total waste though, we did find some recipes that we adapted to our tastes (still within the guidelines) and it hasn’t been so bad this time around!

This roll up actually reminds me of the Greatest Steak Sandwich that was inspired by a Roast Beef Slider— only without bread. Or Butter. For the record, I would absolutely rather eat either the sandwich or the slider, but these lettuce rolls are easy, filling, delicious, and apparently less-likely to give me a heart attack, so…

Roast Beef Lettuce Rolls

Step 1: Combine equal parts Low-Fat Mayonaise with Horseradish. I used 3 tbsp each because I wanted to make enough sauce to last us for a few days’ worth of lunches for 2 people. I kept it stored in a small container in the refrigerator. Expect to use about 1/2 tbsp per roll.

Step 2: Tear off two leaves from a head of iceberg lettuce. Layer on 2 slices of deli roast beef and 1-2 slices of low-fat or fat-free cheese. We used white american, since that was all our deli had in stock with low fat or no fat. If you can find swiss or provolone, those would also make a tasty combination.

Step 3: Spread on the sauce from Step 1 and layer with the second piece of lettuce. Tuck the ends and roll up, securing with toothpicks.


One thought on “Roast Beef Lettuce Rolls– South Beach Phase 1 Lunch

  1. Hi, I just linked back to your page and nominated you for 2 awards in my last post. If you’re not up to doing it, I’ll completely understand. But I wanted you to have it. Have a great day!

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