Foodtography Friday: Sharpedge Bistro 922 Penn

When my cousin Amanda and I head down to the Cultural District to see a show, and have time to meet up beforehand, we are most likely to go to Sharpedge Bistro, since the food is delicious, the beer is insane, and it’s a short walk to Theatre Square.

I’m most likely to be drinking Hoegaarden or Leinenkugel, but sometimes their Beer-of-the-Day special is too irresistable (and also kinder to my wallet), which is how I ended up drinking (and loving) Wittekerke

Favorite menu items include the Belgium Burger (pictured below)– the most incredible burger that’s ever been in my mouth– onion petals (pictured below), Mediterannean Nachos, and Strawberry-Arugula Salad (this might be a seasonal item, but good news, summer means that Strawberries are back in season).


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