Sushi Andy @ Wholey’s in the Strip

I rarely leave my office to eat lunch these days because I only have half an hour. Most days, I just pack something to maximize the amount of time I can eat without having food in one hand and my mouse in the other.

But a few weeks ago I got a sudden craving for sushi and sunshine, so I grabbed my sunglasses and went for a walk up to Wholey’s Fish Market on Penn Ave.

First of all, I have to say that the fish and meat sold at Wholey’s is outstanding. We’ve never been disappointed with anything that we’ve bought there and they are one of only a few places that we can find beef bacon.

Secondly, they have a cafeteria-style option for getting fried fish sandwiches (my favorite food in the world), chicken, breaded shrimp, mac ‘n’ cheese, seafood bisque, cornbread, fries, fried mushrooms, fried jalepenos, coleslaw… the list goes on and on and on. Really.

Finally, there is a little kiosk right inside the door where Chef Andy makes unbelievably delicious sushi. I couldn’t decide between a Philadelphia Roll (I know it’s not “real” sushi, but I like it okay). and a Rainbow Roll, so I got both. This was an awesome idea in the respect that they were both very tasty and exactly what I was in the mood for, but it was also a terrible idea because I have a hard time finishing one roll, let alone two.

Philadelphia Roll

Rainbow Roll

My recommendation: visit Chef Andy with friends. Got that? Go with multiple people so that you can order a few different things without OD-ing on fish and rice.

Not only is the food worth it, but Chef Andy is super friendly and it’s fun to watch him prepare the orders!

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