Sincerely Yogurt in Bridgeville

I love going to New York City. If I had to pick my favorite thing about going there, it would for sure be the food. Even the street hot dogs are amazing. I’ve never eaten something in New York and not loved it.

Here is proof of me (and travelling buddies) enjoying various foods in the Big Apple:

One of my favorite places to get a treat in NYC is Pinkberry. There is one right around the corner from my sister’s apartment and whenever I visit her, I end each night with a delicious frozen yogurt.

I feel like it took a long time for frozen yogurt shops to get to Pittsburgh. I heard rumors that there was one in Oakland or Shadyside, but I wasn’t about to drive 20 minutes, mess around with parking, and gamble with whether or not such a place even existed.

Then a place called Sweetlix opened on Liberty and I excitedly bought a Groupon. My cousin (another lover of Pinkberry) and I went to check it out before seeing a show and were largely dissapointed. First of all, the teenager working the counter wasn’t very friendly (how can you be a grouch when you work in a frozen yogurt store? Come on!) Secondly, they didn’t have (or were out of) the toppings that I like (strawberry, granola, and white yogurt chips… pretty standard stuff). And most importantly, they close at 7PM M-F, 6PM on Saturday, and they aren’t even open on Sunday! Pinkberry is open until midnight on weekends and 11 PM on weekdays. Just saying.

So then, Sincerely Yogurt opened up in Bridgeville, right smack in between our house and Marco’s school on Washington Pike. Sweet! I was elated when I saw the sign. There was hope that Pittsburgh had brought me the thing I was missing in my life.

Marco and I decided to head down there last Friday night for a Motherboy date (Arrested Development, anyone?).

First we went to grab some dinner at Eat ‘n’ Park:

Isn’t he dreamy?

Then we made our way down to Sincerely Yogurt. When you walk in, you grab a cup, fill it up with your choice of frozen yogurt flavors from the dispensers on the wall, and then take it to the toppings bar. Top away, then take your creation to the cash register and plop it on the scale. It costs 42¢ per ounce.

The pros:

-I could put just a little bit of yogurt in Marco’s cup and just a little bit of all the mismatched toppings that his little heart desired and not feel bad when he didn’t finish, because not-that-much went to waste.

-I like a high topping to yogurt ratio, and I could control that, too.

-I paid less than $6 for both of us– literally cannot beat that. Of course, if you fill up your cup until it’s spilling its contents all over the place then you can expect to pay more.

-It’s delicous. I feel like I should mention that.

The cons:

Self-serve kind of skeeves me out a little bit. I will say that the [super nice and not at all grouchy] girls who were working did an excellent job of keeping the toppings filled and the bar clean and tidy, there also weren’t any instances of oreos somehow creeping into the kiwi– which you see at other ice cream bars, salad bars, buffets, etc. Each topping had lids and scoops, so I assume it was all clean, but still. I caught Marco’s hand mere moments before it made contact with the Swedish Fish, so I just can’t be totally sure that some other little kid didn’t have his grimy hands in the mochi.

– Teenagers. I guess I’m officially at that age where groups of teenagers bother me. And Sincerely Yogurt is located pretty much right in the center of Chartiers Valley School District, so I’m not surprised that so many kids were hanging out in the parking lot eating frozen yogurt and holding hands. I guess this isn’t really the fault of Sincerely Yogurt, but I’m just saying: if you find yourself constantly yelling “get off my lawn!” Or, “pull up your pants, you nincompoop!” then you might want to go somewhere else for dessert.

Overall– this is the closest I’ve had to Pinkberry without it being Pinkberry, so Sincerely Yogurt gets a thumbs up from me. I’ll definately be braving swarms of long-haired high schoolers and going back, again soon!

And I’ll bring my little friend, too.


4 thoughts on “Sincerely Yogurt in Bridgeville

  1. sara, it was not too long ago that you were a teenager doing what teenagers do. and it won’t be long before your little boy is a teenager, hanging out with teenager friends. my advice to you is, embrace teenagers and all that a teenager is. you’ll be the cool mom who they all love to see and whose house they want to hang out at — especially because you’re such a good cook and baker (i never had food in the frig; they had to walk to the corner store). my favorite people in the world are teenagers or once were. don’t ever allow yourself to be at an age where teenagers bother you. they have soooo much to give, if you just let them. loved then, love you know. mom

    • Okay, but 1. I was the WORST kind of teenager. All angsty and awful. 2. They are fine individually. It’s when they congregate that I get nervous. 3. It wouldn’t be so bad if they would calm down with the PDA’s.

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