Mini Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cheesecakes

Sometimes, I find that I need a lot of cream cheese. It’s a main ingredient in most dips, some of my favorite frostings, and other tasty creations. So, I guess I thought it was neccessary to buy a log of it at Costco (containing the equivalent of 8- 8 oz packages). I used half of it, and then totally forgot about the rest of it in the deep recess of our refrigerator.

Imagine my delight when I found it, checked the expiration date and found that it was still good! I decided to make some cheesecake because that’s really the quickest way to rid yourself of an excess of cream cheese.

I used my mini springform pans to make four little Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cheesecakes. These pans measure about 4-inches in diameter. I love using them because we can satisfy our sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) without going way overboard. One cheesecake makes enough for 2-4 people to share, depending on if you’re looking to really pig out (no shame– I totally ate half of one as a midnight snack) or just have a little sample after dinner. The remaining cakes can be frozen to enjoy another day!

Mini Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cheesecakes

Step 1: Place 11 oreos in a large ziplock bag and crush them into fine crumbs. You can also use a food processor to make the job super easy.

Step 2: Melt 3 tablespoons butter in a bowl. Add 3 tablespoons sugar and the crushed oreos (you should have about 1 cup). Combine well and divide among the 4 mini springform pans (be sure to coat them with cooking spray). Pack the cookie mixture firmly to the bottom of your pans and line them up on a baking sheet. Bake at 300° for 7 minutes

Step 3: In a large bowl, beat together 24 oz softened cream cheese, 3/4 cup sugar, and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Once smooth, add 3 eggs, one at a time. Be sure to combine each egg before adding the next.

Step 4: Put another 11 oreos in the ziplock bag and crush coursely. You want the pieces to be fairly large. Add them to the cake batter and use a wooden spoon to gently incorporate them. Divide the batter evenly over the four crusts.


Step 5: Pour a little water into the bottom of the baking sheet and bake at 300 for 40-50 minutes. Remove from oven and use a knife to loosen the sides of the cakes.

Step 6: Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight before removing the springform sides and serving.

This is truthfully after only 2 hours of refrigeration. But I couldn’t wait any longer to dig in!


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