Foodtography Friday: Kabobbin’

I’m really in love with photography apps on my phone. I think they are fun to play around with and I like pretending to be artsier than I really am. See my crafting posts if you need proof of this.

My instagram photos tend to be a lot of food pictures, because cooking and eating is pretty much the only thing I do.

So, I decided to start sharing some of my favorite food pictures on Fridays, because “food” and “Friday”  both start with the letter F. And I’m into alliteration. And puns, apparently. Also. Turning nouns into verbs.

So without further ado, I give you Foodtography Friday: Kabobbin’


2 thoughts on “Foodtography Friday: Kabobbin’

  1. I like the idea! I love playing with the photo apps on mu phone too. Have you tried frametastic? It lets you make like a frame collage so its perfect for taking food photos and getting more than one item in a single photo. Those kabobs look delish!

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