Style Your Sole: Painted TOMS

*Updated with more pictures: 3/14/12*

At the high school that I went to, there are certain graduation requirements beyond passing your classes, such as 30 hours of communuty service/presentation on said service, a job shadow/project on said shadow, and a senior project.

My brother and two of my cousins are currently seniors at the same high school and are completing their senior projects and preparing to present them to panels of teachers and community leaders in order to graduate in June.

My cousin Alexa–an extremely artistic young lady (read this article for proof)– had the clever idea to sponser a Style Your Sole Party through TOMS shoes. For those of you who don’t know about TOMS, their business model is One-for-One, meaning that for every pair that you purchase, they send a pair to a child in need. Pretty cool, right?

Beyond the philanthropy factor, the shoes are so comfortable. Like heaven on your insoles. I love them– especially for traveling and running errands.

What Lex did was rent out the neighborhood fire hall and set up tables with lots of art supplies, snacks, and good music. Guests preordered a plain pair of TOMS and let their creative juices flow.

Since I’m a big fan of TOMS and wanted to support my cousin’s project, I ordered shoes for Marco and me. I decorated his shoes with Angry Birds and mine with pink glitter, cheetah stencils, and rhinestones. They look a little like something that Disney would market (probably with Hannah Montana’s face on them)– but I totally copied a ninth grader on my design, so that’s wont to happen. I think they are so fun, though, and with jeans and plain t-shirt, they will be just the ticket.

I have lots of great pictures to share of everybody designing their shoes and showing off their work!

These are pictures that Marco snapped with my iPhone:

See below for the finished look!

Marco put his shoes on before they even finished drying!

These are pictures that Alexa took:

Getting Started…

Our Finished Products!

Our Finished Products!

Pretty Polka Dots

I am in love with these.

And I snagged this one from my friend Derek’s Instagram Feed (Thanks, buddy!):

Derek's finished shoes!

Derek’s finished shoes!

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