Italian Wedding Soup: A Non- Recipe

When we were growing up, our parents used to make wedding soup together. It was a days-long event. I can still remember the sink full of endive, the sweat on the windows around the stove, and– our favorite part– sitting at the dining room table as a family to roll the little meatballs.

To this day I cannot and will not eat wedding soup that was not prepared by either my mom or my dad.

A few weeks ago, my mom and I decided to make a big batch. We started the morning by driving to the snow covered streets of the Strip District and hitting up Pennsylvania Macaroni (or… as everyone in Pittsburgh calls it: Penn Mac) for our ingredients. We also picked up some fresh prosciutto, salami, provolone, and bread to make ourselves some sandwiches while we cooked the soup.

Inside Penn Mac

My original plan was to share the recipe, but since her measuring units are not universal (i.e. add 1 yellow colander of celery), I’m just going to share the pictures and consider this to be a secret family recipe.

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