Crab Cake Balls

A few weeks ago, I promised that I would post my contribution to my family’s Christmas Eve Feast-of-Almost-Seven Fishes. And although Christmas Eve was almost a month ago, I think we can all agree that it’s always a good time for crab cake balls.

My family is Italian, so around the holidays people are always asking me if we do the Feast of Seven Fishes. We do not. I was pretty upset about this because we are very Italian and this is a very Italian thing to do.

After some investigating/nagging the crap out of my grandmother, aunts, and some second-cousins, I found out that my Grandmother’s mother used to do it, but after she died and her kids stopped getting together for Christmas Eve (because they were gathering with all of their children and gradchildren), not everybody kept the tradition going. Basically– the Trombetta kids thought that fish were super icky.

So– I made some empty threats to start going to the Schirripa’s (these are the second cousins who kept the tradition going…) Christmas Eve unless we got our act together and started eating some gosh-darn fish.

It’s amazing what a Thanksgiving day rant can acomplish. Grandma Rosie bought a cocktail shrimp ring, my cousin Amanda made tuna dip, Aunt Tammy brought fried fish, and Aunt Janet made smelts (the most “traditional” dish of the evening). I’d like to give these ladies a shout-out for indulging me and making my dreams come true– it really was a Christmas Miracle.

Crab Cake Balls-print this recipe

Step 1: Cut the crusts off of two slices of bread and tear into pieces. Add 1/3 Cup Heavy Cream and mix together until the bread is sticky

Step 2: Add 1 Tbsp each of Mayonnaise and Worcestershire Sauce, 1/2 Tbsp Dried Parsley, 1 Tsp Old Bay Seasoning, 1/2 Tsp Kosher Salt, 1/2 Tsp Black Pepper, a pinch of Garlic Powder, and 1 beaten egg. Mix well.

Step 3: Add 1 pound lump crab meat. Combine until everything is blended together.

Step 4: Roll crab mixture into 1/2 inch balls and drop into hot canola oil. It should be about 375°. Remove Crab Cake Balls when they turn a golden brown and are crisp.

Serve with Tarter Sauce

This recipe was adapted from Paula Deen

Click Here for my Traditional Crab Cake Recipe

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