Blueberry-Banana Breakfast

On Wednesday, I talked about my plan to get healthy this year. Part of the plan is simply replacing junk food with real food that will fill me up and keep me full on smaller portions.

Last night, I whipped up a big batch of my steel cut oatmeal recipe, with a twist. You see: the last time I tried to make multiple portions, I burned the milk, ruined my stove, and made an oatmeal brick at the bottom of a pan. It was a disaster. So– last night I just threw all of my ingredients from the other recipe (quadrulped the measurements) into the crock pot and let it cook on medium temperature until all of the milk had been absorbed and the oatmeal was cooked. *note* I did not let it cook overnight. I kept an eye on it while I made our dinner, prepped tonight’s dinner, and took down the Christmas decorations. If you are cooking overnight, go with the lowest setting so it doesn’t burn.

Today, I topped the oatmeal with fresh blueberries and a cut banana. I have to say that this is a severely overlooked combination. Why should Strawberry-Banana get all the attention?


2 thoughts on “Blueberry-Banana Breakfast

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