Coming Soon…

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas (and hopefully a few days off to celebrate!)

It’s going to be a very slow blogging week since I’m in my last week of my master’s program (yay!) and I have a 30-page capstone paper due on Monday (booo!).

I guess I just wanted to throw out a teaser for what’s coming up to entice you to keep coming back (or better yet, to scroll to the bottom of the menu over there and click “follow”)

So… coming soon in 2012:

1. Crab Cake Balls (part of our Italian Feast of Only-Five-Fishes) and Tarter Sauce

2. Santa’s Workshop (better late than never edition) Day 5: Hollow Book Treasure Box

3. Buffalo Chicken Dip (as if there is anybody left who doesn’t know how to make this…)

4. Hibachi at Home (how to make one meal that you will eat for days. and days. and days.)

Finally, I wanted to show off my Christmas present from my cousin Amanda. She knows that I love cooking and old books, so she bought me this vintage copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Childs and a super adorable oven mitt and apron with a French Theme!


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