Santa’s Workshop Day 4: Homemade Jar Candles

Today I made 8 jar candles using baby food jars that a friend (with a baby) saved for me and soy wax.

These were pretty easy to make, but it was an exercise in trial-and-error for me. I didn’t have a way to measure to 1 lb of wax or 1 oz of essential oil, so I just decided to wing it. All-in-all, I would say that they look pretty good!

I used frosting spray paint on four of the jars and mod podge mixed with a little blue food coloring to tint the other four. Then I melted the wax in a pyrex meauring cup in the microwave, added some essential oils, and poured into the jars. Then I used popsicle sticks to keep the wicks from falling over while the candles hardened. To finish the job, I wrapped some raffia around the jars and tied in a pretty bow!

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