Santa’s Workshop Day 3: Wine Glass Charms

I think that wine glass charms are so clever and can be really cute. The problem is that whenever I see them, they are so loud and tacky– not my taste at all! The last thing I want to look at is a flamingo or flip-flop hanging off the stem of my wine glass.

That’s why I like these homemade charms that are simple and subtle. Guests can keep track of their glasses without the charms being distracting. I also love, love, love this color combination of gold, brown, and teal.

 DIY Wine Glass Charms

Step 1: Gather some 1/4 inch sterling silver earring hoops, cat’s eye beads, and a pair of pliers. I got three colors of beads and mixed and matched colors.

Step 2: String the beads onto the hoop

Step 3: Use the pliers to bend the edge of the hoop– this will make a little hook to clasp the charm shut and keep the beads from sliding off

Step 4: Slide the hook into the loop on the other end of the earring

Step 5: Have a party and invite over lots of friends to share a bottle of wine (or two!)

Really wishing I had a picture of a party…


I ordered all of my supplies from the internet, I bought enough to make 8 sets of 8 charms, since they make great little gifts for house-warming, birthdays, bridal showers, etc. And they are so easy to make (and fun!). I think all-in-all (including shipping) it ends up being less than $5 for a set.





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