Santa’s Workshop Day 1: Photo Canvas

Raise your hand if you’ve recently developed a crippling addiction to Pintrest? Anybody?

I can’t get enough of it. Here is the major pitfall, though: since joining Pintrest, I have been inundated with crafty inspiration on a daily basis, and I keep buying crafting supplies to act on said inspiration. And then not doing any crafts.

Last night was different though. I finally got my butt in gear and started working on some of the gifts that I am making for Christmas. I also emptied my clothes and shoe closets (yes, my shoes had their own closet…it was beautiful) so that this weekend we can build better storage solutions in there for the big merger. Marco’s room now looks like a shoe graveyard (think: Elephant Graveyard from The Lion King)

Better get this back together before he comes home…

 So… the first DIY that I tackled was the at-home photo canvas. We’ve all seen the photos printed on a wrapped gallery canvas. They can cost anywhere between $25 and $100… more if you go for a big size! Mine cost $3 for an 8 x 10 print from Walgreeens and $3 for a canvas from Michael’s (got a two-pack!).

I also bought an $8 jar of Mod Podge (finally caved), but it’s not like I used the whole jar on one project, so I’m not counting that in the cost.

 Here’s the thing with this project, I saw four different ways to do it.

1. Get a picture printed on a transparency at Kinko’s and transfer ink to canvas

2. Print picture at home on regular paper and glue it face down, then wet paper and peel it off leaving the image behind

3. Print picture on tissue paper and decoupage to canvas

4. Glue regular picture to canvas

So… of all of these, option #4 seemed like the easiest/ least potential for being annoying choice. It was also the one that I was most skeptical about, because I wanted this to look like a canvas print. Not like I just glued a picture to something.

To be honest, for the whole time I did this project, it did look like I just glued a picture to canvas. And I hated it. I kept thinking: this is going to look so stupid; this such a waste of time.

Then, like some kind of miracle I looked at the finished project and it looked so freaking cute! When Yuseff came home, he seemed genuinely impressed by it.

But enough rambling. Here’s what to do.

Step 1: Choose a picture that you like and want to display for the world. Get it printed as an 8×10. I chose a picture of Marco as the ring bearer in my cousin’s wedding and had it printed with blue tint, which I think looks richer/ antiquier than plain Black and White. Gather up a wrapped canvas, scrapbook paper (or any other paper scraps)Mod Podge, and brushes.

Step 2: Decoupage the paper strips to the sides of the canvas. It’s okay if they don’t line up perfectly. In fact, it’s better if they don’t. For those who aren’t “in-the-know:” when you decoupage, you paint a generous layer of glue on the surface that you are working with, then adhere your paper, then paint another thick layer of glue on top.

Step 3: Trim the sides of your picture ever so slightly. You want it to cover the canvas, but you don’t want any overhang. Paint a thick layer of glue and adhere your photo. Use a towel to cover your picture while you press it down.

Step 4: Paint a layer of Mod Podge over the photo using horizontal strokes. Then let it sit for about an hour to dry. This is a great time to disassemble your shoe closet.

Step 5: Use a dry sponge to dab black paint into the corners and edges of the canvas to camouflage the seams. Let dry

Step 6: Add a final layer of Mod Podge, but this time, paint using vertical strokes. Once it’s dry, your masterpiece is complete!

This turned out so great, that I’m contemplating making it a gift for myself, as though my house isn’t already some sort of shrine to Marco!

I bought 6 canvases at Michael’s, so surely I can keep one for me!


4 thoughts on “Santa’s Workshop Day 1: Photo Canvas

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  2. This is my to-do project this weekend! I was just complaining to Jordan yesterday that we don’t have any artwork in our house, so I think I’ll make some!

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