Halloween Week Day 5: Halloween Cut-Out PB & J

So… it just felt wrong to end Halloween Week with only 4 days. I figured that I may as well stretch it out to a 5th day, being that I feel much more comfortable with the number 5. Seriously. When I adjust the volume on my TV it has to be on an increment of 5– if 17 feels like the perfect volume, too bad; I either go down to 15 or up to 20.

Anyway– enough rambling–now that Halloween Week has 5 posts, I’ll sleep better.

Today’s “recipe” is more like a fun serving suggestion to make lunchtime more special for the little bug in your life (oh, what’s that? you thought Marco was a small boy? wrong. he’s a bug).

Halloween Cut-Out PB & J

Step 1: Make a standard Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. For Marco’s sandwich, I actually smeared on a little almond butter with the peanut butter, because they were sitting next to each other in the pantry and I don’t like to play favorites.

Step 2: Use Halloween cookie cutters, like a bat and a witch’s broom, to cut the sandwich into spooky shapes.

Step 3: Serve with a side of cut-up banana!

See? So easy! This is something that you can do for any holiday, or even just a regular day. I think I’m going to start packing Marco’s school lunches with cut-out sandwiches– afterall, I haven’t gotten enough use out of that “M” cookie cutter that we had to have last year!


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