Halloween Week Day 2: Bat Noodles with Orange Halloween Sauce and Bat Garlic Bread

Also Known As: Farfelle alla Vodka and Garlic Bread

Last night’s spooky Halloween Dinner called on my skills in creative re-naming. I made Farfelle and called them Bats instead of Bowties. I decided to make a Vodka Sauce because it has that nice orange color– perfect for Halloween or any Autumn meal! I topped the whole thing off with Bat Garlic Bread– a super fun twist on a simple side.

The best part about last night’s dinner is that Marco– who NEVER cleans his plate, actually asked for seconds! This recipe is officially a keeper!

I adapted this recipe from a great cooking blog that I found while looking for “not-chunky” vodka sauce recipes. You can see the original from Idiot’s Kitchen here. I had to halve her recipe because I was running a little low on Vodka and didn’t feel like going to the liquor store (insert grumble about PA Liquor Control Board…) I also used tomato sauce instead of crushed tomatoes to go for a smoother, thinner sauce. I can’t blame that one on Marco– it’s me who doesn’t like the texture of thick sauce and tomato chunks!

Bat Noodles with Orange Halloween Sauce:

Step 1: Coat the bottom of a pan with olive oil and add 1/2 of a small chopped onion. Cook until soft then add 1 Tsp Minced Garlic.

Step 2: Add 1/2 cup of Vodka and simmer until the Vodka thickens. Remember, that the alcohol is burning off, so this dish is safe for children, pregnant women, and recovering alcoholics (whichever one concerns you most, I guess…)

Step 3: Add 14 oz of tomato sauce and 1/2 cup of chicken broth, then bring to a boil and lower the heat to let it thicken. Don’t forget to salt and pepper to taste.

Yes-- Sometimes, I use dry measuring cups to measure liquid ingredients. I break ALL the rules.

Step 4: Once the sauce thickens, add 1/4 cup of heavy cream and stir. The color will lighten and look orange.

Step 5: Toss with 1/2 a pound of Farfelle cooked al dente. You can use any pasta you like, but bowties=bats in October.

Bat Garlic Bread

Step 1: Take two slices of plain white bread and spread with butter. Then, sprinkle with garlic powder and parsley.

Step 2: Use a bat-shaped cookie cutter to cut the bread into bats. You should get two bats for each slice of bread.

Step 3: Toast your bats in a toaster-oven until crispy. If you don’t have a toaster-oven, you can put them in a 420° F oven for 5-10 minutes– depending on how toasty you want them to be.

I just realized some irony with the Bat Garlic Bread. In a lot of older vampire movies, the vampires can turn into bats. And Garlic repels vampires. Although– I feel like neither one of those things has ever happened in True Blood (total guilty pleasure… it’s shameful… I know).

If you are looking for something fun to do, google “Can vampires turn into bats.” You’ll find websites full of “Vampire Myths” and “FAQs about Vampires” that seem to be run by “actual vampires.” As well as a host of Yahoo Answers results that are– you guessed it– answered by “real vampires.” So. Weird.

I think I’ll stick to kitschy Halloween-themed meals for now! Tonight, we’re making homemade pizza with a Jack-o-Lantern Face.

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