Weekday Lunch: Turkey Roll-ups

I bring leftover dinner to work for lunch a lot and it can be a real bummer– especially if you’re like me, and really hate the taste of 90% of reheated food.

This week, Yuseff and I had the foresight to buy lunch items when we went grocery shopping. I mean– I had all of Marco’s favorite lunchtime treats on the shopping list, so why not get some stuff for us too?

Step 1: Start with one roll-up flatbread and top with three pieces of turkey and two pieces of Provolone cheese. We used plain roll-ups, but whole-wheat would also be delcious. Swiss and American cheeses are great with Turkey in case you aren’t a big fan of Provolone.

Step 2: Add three long leafs of romaine lettuce and sprinkle on some diced Roma Tomatoes, seasoned with a little salt and pepper, and a very small handful of Craisins. 

Step 3: Roll ’em up and cut in half!

We made these ahead to take to work (obviously), so we didn’t add any condiments to keep them from getting soggy– we just went with some Mayonaise packets in the cafe at the office. If you’re making these to enjoy immediately, I’d say to spread any mayo, mustard, or cream cheese (very yummy with turkey!) onto the wrap before layering on the meat and cheese!

What about you? What healthy lunches do you pack that are easy to make the night before?

3 thoughts on “Weekday Lunch: Turkey Roll-ups

  1. that’s delicious looking. i’m obsessed with cranberries and turkey. onion chutney if you can get it/ make it is good with that too 🙂

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