Weekends in the Strip: Kahlia’s Island Taste

When I started this blog, I knew I would want to include posts about great places to eat in Pittsburgh. Here’s my first chance!

Yesterday, Yuseff and I took a walk during our lunch breaks to the Pittsburgh Public Market, which is located on Smallman Street near the 16th Street Bridge overpass. It’s only open Friday-Sunday, so it’s a nice thing to look foward to all week. They have tons of vendors selling gourmet foods and pastries, organic produce, handmade soaps, and all sort of other things.

We wandered in there one Saturday a few months after a grocery shopping trip to Wholey’s and found Kahlia’s Island Taste– a delicious Caribbean Food Stand. I am totally hooked on this woman’s food. We go down there a couple of Friday’s a month for lunch and it’s delicious.

So, yesterday we went down. It was a beautiful sunny day and I wished I could just wander around the market buying olive oil and baklava– but we had to go back to work. Yuck.

Anyway– here’s what I got:

A Jamaican Beef Patty which is very delicious and just spicy enough!

Here you can see the filling. And my laptop.

“Fried” Plantains— she said that she actually bakes them to cut down on oil. Can’t complain about that!

And Tamarind Fruit. The first time I got these, I had to Google: How Do I Eat a Tamarind? So… if anybody else is looking for that information (which was actually not easy to find…) here it is:

The outer shell is like a peanut shell– just crack it open and peel it away to reveal the inner pod.

There is a little “knob” on the top of the fruit. Hold on to it and peel off the string surrounding the pod. It looks kind of like a bug skeleton!

When you eat your tamarind, use your teeth to push out the hard seeds and spit them out. It’s just like eating a cherry (or watermelon before science fixed that problem).

Yuseff got Curry Goat and Jerk Chicken Wings. AND– since we didn’t have time to eat together, he snapped a picture of it before digging in and sent it over to me. I love a man (specifically this one…) who is willing to do awkward things for me.

So– if you find yourself headed to the Strip on the weekend to grab some groceries, Steelers gear, or just being a tourist in your own city (or a legit tourist… do I even have any out-of-town readers?)– definately pop into the open market to check out the vendors and grab something to eat from Kahlia’s Island Taste!