Three Things Related to Food…


Last night Yuseff and I made dinner together. We didn’t use recipes or have much of a plan. We just dug some things out of the fridge.

He blanched green beans and I sauteed them with olive oil and garlic. I mixed up some paprika, cumin, salt, cayenne pepper, and italian herbs and he seasoned and roasted potatoes and onions with it. He chopped some lettuce and tomatoes, and I made the salads. I take no credit for the steak: That’s all him!

The best thing about my kitchen is that the stove is on a peninsula so we can be working on dinner together and we have plenty of elbow room from opposite sides of each other. The point: I love cooking with Yuseff, and we made a super delicious meal!


You know what else I love? Sitting in my desk at work and getting a special treat delivered to me. When I was working in the other building of our office, this used to happen all the time. I would get back to my desk after a trip to the cafe or a meeting and there would be a cookie, cupcake, or other delicious treat on my desk. There would never be a note (or if there was, it would be something cryptic like: Thanks for the help yesterday!) And even though I didn’t know who left it there, I would eat it. So, fun fact: if you ever want to poison me, your best bet is a drive-by cupcake, because I don’t ask questions. Sadly, I moved next door and all of my baked-goods-loving pals did not. And they haven’t made the trek across 14th St to see me… UNTIL NOW!

My friend’s mom made these enormous cake balls for a birthday party and he brought in the leftovers to share. Way to go, Mrs M! I cannot wait to dig into this as part of my balanced breakfast!

As a side note: in order to turn off the shutter sound on a camera phone you have to go through a lot of crazy steps since the point of the shutter sound is to prevent you from taking creepy pictures of people without their knowledge (I’m serious. Google it). You know what else people might find creepy? A girl sitting at her desk taking pictures of a cake ball.


Speaking of work…

Somebody in a cubicle near mine was eating soup this morning. Well– it’s kind of soup. We have this machine that dispenses powdered soup and you can mix it with hot water from the coffee machine. This wouldn’t be so weird if they stuck to Chicken Noodle. But they don’t even have Chicken Noodle. They have Tomato, Baked Potato and Bacon, and Broccoli Cheddar. It smells as sick as it sounds. So– I went to the cafe to grab some water and a breath of Soup-less air when I saw that they updated our standard don’t-steal-lunches signs on the refigerators:I mean– we’re all adults here, and none of us are hobos being that we are all obviously employeed. So– what’s going on? Apparently we have a Brown-Bag-Bandit in our midst. Peculiar… I’m wondering if our other cafes have the same signs, or if it’s an isolated problem over here? I’ll be looking into it.

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