Something different…

Anybody who has read my first post knows that the title for my blog came from an idea that my former college roommate, Kristin, gave me when we went to a cupcake decorating workshop back in August.

Pictured: Cupcake Masters.

Kristin just started a blog of her own called Another Vodka Stinger, which will chronicle her theatrical adventures. This girl is perfect for the job. When I visit NYC she is basically my long-distance cruise director who lets me know what shows I need to see, what time I need to show up to wait in line for rush tickets, and which individual performances will blow my mind. When we were sharing a dorm room, we used to put on two woman performances of RENT, Wicked, Hairspray, and other favorites. It was delightful.

"Would you light my cannnnndlllllleeeeee?"

If you are a lover of Broadway, or even if you aren’t really, check her out!

If you’re wondering what Vodka Stingers have to do with theatre, just watch this clip from one of my very favorite movies: CAMP

These girls are doing a number from Stephen Sondheim’s Company. This is easily my favorite number from the show, and this scene from CAMP is easily my favorite rendition of it. But you can hear the line where she asks for Another Vodka Stinger… so yeah… there’s your reference.

Enjoy Kristin’s Blog!


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