Berry Delicious!

I walked down to Stan’s Market on Penn Ave the other day during my lunch break to buy the cantaloupe for the Prosciutto-Melon Salad and they had berries sitting there that I just couldn’t resist. I bought some blackberries and raspberries, and took them back to work to snack on.

I had some blueberry flavored Fig Newton Fruit Thins hanging out in my snack drawer so I paired them with the berries. Yum! I was breaking off pieces of the cookies and eating them with a berry and it tasted like a fresh berry pie. It was pretty awesome because up until then, I wasn’t a huge fan of the fruit thins.

I didn’t eat all of the berries, so I left them in the fridge of the cafe. The next morning, I brought a blueberry bagel and some plain cream cheese in for breakfast. After I spread the cream cheese on the bagel, I sprinkled it with some sugar and topped it with some of the berries. I can’t think of a more delicious start to the morning!

Except for Bacon. Bacon always wins.


One thought on “Berry Delicious!

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